Saturday, May 17, 2008

My bags are Packed

You guys, my photography has really been lacking lately, sorry about that(click on the picture for a larger, better view.) But I just couldn't resist and had to share with you the new (old) suitcase I got! I found it at the local thrift store. I usually don't find much at that one, but this gem had my name written all over it! It's packed and ready to fly out to New York. Isn't it cute?
My husband helped me pack, he's pretty much a professional. All of my clothes are in this bag. The only problem? He's not coming with. So this means the chances of me bringing everything back home with me again are slim! I brought all sorts of art projects to do.

And a little shout out is in order for my friend Amy. She is graduating from nursing school today. Congrats Amy, you're going to make an excellent nurse! Have fun in Hawaii!

3 comments: said...

happy trails!

rinse*repeat said...

Ah! So cute!! Hope its sees lots of use :)

Linda said...

Love your suitcase! Hope you have a wonderful trip!