Saturday, April 25, 2009

Around the Corner

Today I'm taking you with my on my daily walk around the corner.  There are too many gorgeous flowers I just need to share.
So this is Sacks.  It's my little internet/caffeine fix for the day.  It's where I blend in and pretend to be a student!  It is so packed in here.  I just counted 8 Macbooks, too funny.  And way too much intellectual banter goes on here.  Everyone is saving the planet.  They make the best white mochas.

This is the crime scene from yesterday's post.  It's the other big house on the opposite end of the block.  The lemon tree is the big one in the front.
Bird's of paradise are so cool.  I can't believe people can grow these here on the side of the curb.
I think this is the same flower I wore in my hair on my wedding day.
Our neighbors front yard, I always stop to smell the roses.  I love people's yards here.  They don't always have grass.  They have flowers and many plants.  You can see the front of our place, it resembles a jungle.


Mom K said...

Becca, I finally got on the computer and caught up with your blog. Of course I love the flowers and I think the flower that you mentioned is called a dahlia. I want an arbor with roses creeping over.I was so impressed by your little bags for money, the zipper installation looked professional.I'm glad you're getting to experience the beauty in CA, and I hope Sam will get to soon as well.

bethany said...

Beautiful neighborhood, flowers and coffee lucky girl!