Thursday, April 2, 2009

Budgeting is Fun



Well, not really, but these cute pouches sure help.  Sam and I have started budgeting using the cash only method.  We realized that our money kept coming in and then going out, and we didn't really know where.  This way we are held accountable for our spending habits.  We withdraw a certain amount of cash at the beginning of each week and divide it up into our 6 categories (groceries, thrifting, entertainment, eating out, giving, and then the leftover fund).  (My eating out bag isn't finished yet.)  We put the money in the envelopes, and when it's gone, it's gone.  I decided to make fun little bags to house the money because the envelope thing just wasn't very fun, and they got all ripped up and tattered.  This has not been the easiest thing to do.  I think the hardest category is groceries for me, I can easily spend a ton of money on food, the little wannabe gourmet foodie in me wants only the best!  We have been pretty good on most of the other areas.  It has been tempting to buy more, but I must admit we haven't stepped into Target or Wal-Mart all year.  I did slip up and buy a shirt while I was visiting Jess here in SF, I'm hoping that can be the only clothing article I'll buy all year.  I know this isn't for everyone and we definitely have areas where we splurge.  It does take some discipline, and we definitely don't have it mastered.  It takes a few weeks to tweak it just right, to know how much you need for each category.  We don't have categories for our fixed expenses, they are on auto pay.  This is just really good for us because we want to be more giving with our money, but it just wasn't happening before.  As Christ followers I think it's important to be good stewards of our money.  I felt we were just selfishly spending it all on ourselves without designating money to give.  Now we have money to give, just how to spend it-- that my friends is a whole other blog post.  

(oh, and in case you're wondering the cute linen printed fabric is Japanese fabric from a little boutique in San Francisco, and the fun ribbon and twill trims is from a fabric shop here in Berkeley.  I'll be making some more to put in my shop.  I used stayz on ink and rubber stamps and stamped them on the twill tape.  I had fun experimenting with a little quilting.)


Andrea said...

Yay for cash only! True story about the paper envelopes getting ripped and tattered. Your pouches turned out great! I just started working on the artsy clutch today, because I wasn't sure if I was ready for zippers yet. Maybe when you get back.... =)

And we'll have to work on our giving pouches together.

I miss you, but I'm glad to hear things are going well!

From Sunday to Monday said...

Bek these are so cute! I love how the for fun one is the biggest. They turned out really great! I may get mine worked on today we'll see I thought I had the morning off here up at Amy's but it turns out the boys are staying home with me till noon.

Elijah's Mom said...

Those are really cute! I feel for you on spending too much on food. We use the Microsoft Money program and track Everything - I think Chris thought I was crazy when he married me - and food is really, really hard to keep in budget. said...

A*dorable...And I don't want to hear about that shirt splurge anymore! You bought it at a THRIFT store and it's amazingly cute! ;)

project simple life said...

I love this idea! I'm definitely interested in the for cash only idea. You turned it into something lovely:)

rinse repeat said...

Fabulous! Somehow limiting spending seems so much more manageable when you have sweet little pouches to enjoy!