Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Week

Shame on me, I haven't been sharing what I have been up to.  I am at a loss for words to describe it here.  It's so many of the little things that add up together to make Berkeley a purely blissful place.  I will do a little recap of this week.
Dan and Neal came to visit me here on Tuesday.  We had an unsuccessful attempt at frisbee golfing in Aquatic Park (too many people lounging on the course).  We did go up to my favorite spot Claremont Canyon to check out a beautiful sunset.  We were disappointed we didn't bring our cameras, but I am thankful for cell phone cameras, better than nothing.  Of course I took them to get ice cream at Ici.  We had dinner at Adagia.  A good day.
Saturday was Cal day, the day for visitors to come and check out the school.  Here are African drummers and dancers performing.  Free music performances were going on all day.  The admission to the art museum was free.  I spent hours there.  It was such a great variety of art.  There was a big exhibit on how the artists responded to a changing world.  Creative exhibits were displayed that captured a little bit of the foreign land each artist visited.  The curator did such an awesome job with displaying an eclectic mix of art work.  Too often at museums I get bored because they are all certain types of paintings from a specific era.  I saw everything from Pollock, to Warhol, to Rembrandt.  There were a few metal mechanical sculptures I found fascinating.  The campus has so many great places to explore.  The art students had a print sale so I was able to snag 5 pieces for $10 and I learned more about different printing processes from the students.  I got a pink giraffe that was made using the drypoint technique.  I was drooling at their classroom.
It was hot this week.  I swam some laps at the pool that's only a few blocks from us.  I love this pool because after I'm done with the laps, I can lay out on the grassy hill when I'm done and look out and see the golden gate bridge.
This is our next door neighbors front gate.  The roses are gorgeous.  This is just a glimpse into all the blooming going on around here.  I'm going to do a whole post on pictures from my walk.
And here is my new friend.  The neighbor is gone for a few weeks so their dog is keeping me company.  We're going on daily walks.  A friend is just what I needed!

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bethany said...

Consider yourself lucky! Green and beauty of all kinds! :)

Hope you're enjoying yourself to the fullest!