Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kicking Myself

I did say I wasn't going to buy clothes for a year.  I already failed, but I was hoping for just one slip up.  At the earth day fair a vendor was there with the greatest jersey dresses and skirts.  Great silk screened graphics and embroidered embellishments made me want to buy them.  They were only $23, I knew it was a bargain.  Sometimes I have a hard time finding clothes I truly love.  I like the bohemian look, but I like it to be a cute look, and not an "I'm a dirty hippie" look.  I can't afford Anthropologie, who can?  So I resisted the urge to get them, and then I saw them again in front of a store, marked up 50% from the price at the fair.  Why didn't I get a dress, why?


Anonymous said...

=( Those dresses are really cute!

bethany said...

Ah! Love them!!

From Sunday to Monday said...

You already failed? Those dresses are so cute! You should have bought me one!