Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Things

For no particular reason.  These are the three things I'm loving right now:

1. Listening to This American Life podcasts

Something old school about listening to stories is kinda fun.  It's a public radio show that has a theme each week.  The stories are usually true life stories of everyday people.  It's an hour long show usually with about four fifteen minute segments.  It's a good thing to do while commuting or at home while crafting.  And it's free, did I mention that?

2.  Using Green Bags

This is such a mom thing of mine.  I can't believe how well these work.  Yes these are those bags for produce that are seen in an infomercial.  You can buy them at most any grocery store.  We're approaching the farmer's market season, unfortunately the yummy food that doesn't have chemicals on it tends to spoil quickly.  If you put your produce in these bags they will last much longer.  I also like to bring them to the grocery store with me.  You won't need to use their plastic bags, and you won't have to transfer the produce into the green bags at home.

3.  Ok, I don't have a third one

You tell me.  What is a simple weird little thing that you are loving right now?  Maybe someone knows of a great new band.  I haven't had new good music in awhile.

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