Friday, May 1, 2009


So I've been making baby steps toward sewing clothes.  I know, pajamas are quite elementary but I was surprised at how easy they were.  I made them in an afternoon.  Sam is bringing me home some freezer paper (it makes for a great iron on template so you can trace your pattern and iron it on the fabric) so there will be no stopping me folks.  Sorry, they're a little wrinkly- I wore them last night and Sam took these pics this morning.  I love that they're long, even a little too long. Homemade is the only way a six foot tall girl is gonna get that length!  And the pattern is upside down on the front of the pants, right side up in the back.  Oops!  I think I'm going to make the smaller size next time, they are a bit baggy!  If anyone wants to get into sewing, I'd recommend making these.  They are super quick and truly very easy.  

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bethany said...

They look nice and cozy! :) Good work!