Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It all ends With a Trip to the ER.

Every time we move, something weird happens and it becomes more stressful and difficult.  We were forced out of Eau Claire early with a roof cave in and shoddy wiring.  When we moved from Colorado I had to rush back to bake a wedding cake.   This time, Saturday night I was packing up everything in suitcases and thinking to myself just how simple this was.  Not much harder than packing up from one night in a hotel.  Maybe this is because we do it all the time, or maybe it's because we didn't have much with us.  

Sunday morning we wake up, go to pick up our car rental at 6:30 am, but then we headed to the Emergency Room.  Sam thought he had some allergies going on in his eye, one was itchy and bugging him.  Late Saturday night he looked at it with a flashlight and we determined it wasn't dust.  It was a piece of metal.  This had to have happened Friday.  So we decided we better get it taken care of, because we were driving home and wouldn't be back for another two days.  We sat and sat and sat in the ER Sunday morning.  They were very busy.  We arrived at 7:00 am and left at noon.  They were not able to get it out-aarrgh!  Sam was fine, just a little irritated.  At least he got some antibiotics.  So much for the drive up the coast.  We had to cancel our reservation for a hostel in Eugene, but we were kinda excited for an excuse to spend a little time in Bend.

So we drove and made it to Klamath Falls, Oregon and spent the night there.  We made an appointment in Bend.  They got the piece of metal out, and all is good.  It will heal well.  
I had to drive the whole way home.  Sam didn't like this, he likes to drive.  The good news is that when I'm behind the wheel I don't mind pulling u-ies in the middle of the highway to go back and see what we just missed.  So, when flying by at 75 miles an hour and seeing this tree filled with shoes, naturally, I knew we had to turn around.  The highlight of our trip:  Sam saying sayonara to his work boots.  

I tried to get him to say goodbye to the Keens on his feet as well.  He considered it, but decided to keep them.  

 You see Sam has a little shoe attachment.  He had trouble saying goodbye to a stinky old pair of his beloved red shoes in Bari, Italy. (I'll save that for another day)  When Sam gets rid of a well loved shoe, it must have the right departure.

The wind up

Now they will have a happy home.  A good symbolic way of saying goodbye and good riddance to a tough job.


Heidi said...

I like the shoe story! You look cute in the last picture Becca. I hope Sam's eye is feeling better. I can have a look when you guys get here. Safe travels!

bethany said...

Wow-it seems leaving is truly never easy for you! :)

What an awesome way to say farewell to a job well done!