Thursday, May 7, 2009

To Market

Remember how I said I didn't mind running errands and shopping here.  Today I decided to bring my camera with me while I picked up my groceries.  

I pick up fruits and veggies at this corner market.

The most gorgeous flower arrangements are made right here.

This is the yummy chocolate shop.  Today I picked up a champagne truffle.  Look, they even make ice cream cone and chocolate lab truffles.

The butcher helps me pick out meat at Ver Bruggge's
Today I decided I needed a mini eclair along with my baguette.

After La Farine, I can stop in for wine at the shop next door.  
Sometimes I do a little window shopping.

And then the unglamorous part, getting the rest of the groceries across the street.  And hauling the heavy bags back home on the bus!


project simple life said...

Oh-love the flowers.

bethany said...

You must be living in a dream...this place looks UNREAL! I can't wait for the little market in Eau Claire to pick up!