Monday, June 14, 2010

The Perfect Summer Weekend

After the craziness of last weekend I was really looking forward to a nice relaxing time. It is finally feeling like summer around here.

Friday night we went to Manito Park for a free concert. They are going to be having free music every Friday evening at the Park Bench Cafe. Then we went for a walk and ran into some friends and walked and chatted and got some ice cream.

Saturday we went to the farmers market for the first time this season. We headed to the Liberty Lake one, because they were having a little art show, and I really like the Liberty Lake market. A new friend- Janessa was selling cute notebooks and journals with her signature handwriting. You can find them in her etsy shop right here. We met at the farm chicks (and as a fun side note her mom was Sam's kindergarten teacher!) And I got a little something from Anemone. I just love these guys. They were so cute with their whole family there.

Can you guess what these guys were selling? They had farm fresh beef and pictures of the cows!
Here is Janessa's booth
Here are some of Anemone's flowers
After the market we hit some garage sales. And I'll admit, I'm not sure if we can wait to find out if this baby is a boy or girl. I just want to know so I can shop!
I bought a few veggies, some cherries, and some herbs to plant. I couldn't walk past my dead pot of rosemary another day. I got some fun new herbs, along with the good old standbys. I got some pineapple sage, a new variety of cilantro that is fern like, and some purple basil. It always feels good to dig in the dirt.

Then we headed to Riverfront Park to see some friends play at Bobfest, sadly we were a little late. We made a nice big salad with all of our fresh veggies and ate outside on the front porch.

Sunday I laid in the sun and relaxed. We did some grilling and Sam had some buddies over to play some music. All in all a good weekend. And it's Monday and this sunny weather is continuing- yay!


ness said...

Hey! I didn't even see you take pictures! I am glad you guys could come:) see you tomorrow!

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Hey! I know Jenessa, too!!! :)