Friday, January 18, 2008

A Few Gems

So I haven't really posted many of my steals, deals or finds on here. Probably because my pictures were so disorganized before I had no way of finding them on my computer. That is, until the other day, when I just decided to bite the bullet and organize 'em, it had to be done. So I did, and I'm happy because I can share this post with you on some fun little things I've found.

So this is very random and I hope to do this more. I love sharing a good find with you folks. Now that I'm organizing my life and all, I decided to be more well rounded in my blogging. I categorized my blogs the other day. So this is the fruit of my organizing labor.
I got this whole bag of notions at Savers for about $2. Lots of
I wasn't really into the whole owl craze, until I found this at Goodwill. I just knew it had to be mine!
This was found at one of those church basement sales. I plan to use these on aprons, or bags, or a towel. I'm not sure, but I know I'll use them, they're just so darling.
This bowl I found at an antique shop in Mankato. I dragged my poor friend in to the store, and she had to pull me out. You see, she's not really into antiquing. She isn't a nut like me. I found some awesome rings at that place too, and a letterpress drawer, more to share for another day.

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