Wednesday, January 2, 2008

All Advent Activities

Well, it's after Christmas, it's the new year! But I didn't post all of our advent activities. I didn't post every day in December like I said I would, but it was my best month of blogging. (The most posts in one month) So here are all of the advent activities. We still have to do a few. The ones we still need to do are in red. The ones we did are in green.
1. Gift for Sam (book light)
2. In the meadow we can build a snowman
3. A gift for Sam and Becca (dish scrubber for Sam and a piggy bank for me)
4. Pick out a Christmas CD to buy (we got and love the Sufjan Steven's Christmas box set)
5. A gift for Sam and Becca (Black licorice for Sam, Woman's Book of Delights for me)
6. Cut down a Christmas tree
7. Go ice skating (I still need to figure out where we can do this one!)
8. Take a thermos of hot cocoa and look at Christmas lights
9. Make and send a random gift to a friend (I sent Elizabeth a mixed CD of some holiday tunes and decorated the case with scrapbook paper, I think Sam has yet to do his!)
10. Go on a winter hike
11. Go Cross Country Skiing (we were going to do this in Leavenworth, but we didn't have enough time, so we're going to make a whole day of the cross country skiing)
12. Go to Leavenworth (A German Bavarian Village, kinda cool, neat to go at Christmas. It was snowing all day long and very magical)
13. A gift for Becca (bar of really good chocolate)
14. A gift for Sam (an envelope opener gadget and some little plastic travel bottles)
15. Watch a Christmas movie (We watched Little Women and my favorite A Christmas Story)
16. Play a game together (I think we need to get another game, we got Mad Gab, our games aren't suited very well for just two people)
17. Spend a whole day baking Christmas cookies together (We made cut out sugar cookies, gingerbread men, snickerdoodles, and Sam had to make drop cookies as he was remembering fond memories of them at the church potlucks when he was little)
18. Write a love letter to each other (hopefully we'll do this one soon!)
19. SKI! At Steven's Pass (I think we're doing this on Thursday we went the following Wed instead and had a blast, yay!)
20. A gift for Becca (Dec. Martha Stewart Living magazine)
21. Put together a Christmas puzzle (almost complete!)
22. A gift for Sam and Becca (Sam got a backpacker gear guide magazine and I got my favorite kind of pens, usually I steal them from Sam but he got me my very own!)
23. Go to Jack's Country Store (this is a cool place by the ocean that sells old things, we'll do it sometime this month and I'll update you!)
24. Read the Christmas story together in the Bible

So, 18 21 out of 24 isn't too bad. Hopefully they'll all be completed by the end of January! This was really fun to do. I think it's always fun to plan some things you like to do together. Every place we live at we make a list of things we want to do. Of course, they never all get accomplished, but we don't get bored. What should we do? Let's look at our list, let's go to Colorado Springs and see Garden of the Gods. I hope to keep that up and research some cool things to do in the Seattle area.

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