Monday, July 7, 2008

3 Day Backpack Trip

Here they are! You can click on them to see them larger. Lots of pictures, had to share a bunch.
The view back toward Leavenworth
Going through some rocks
At Nada Lake, the first one
Looking back at Nada after we go up a bit
This was cool. There is a little bridge where water from upper Snow lake goes to the lower part and we had to cross it. There was quite a bit of water flowing over it!

Gorgeous reflection at Snow Lake from camp in morning
Another Snow Lake, you can see how clear the water is
One more, I couldn't resist
Starting out on our day hike to the lower enchantments

Trail starts to get tough, seems to disappear, only a few kairns here and there, fun hiking on the rocks

Starting to get steep
We stop for some lunch

It was a great view from all sides
Almost to the top, going over the granite
Look who surprised us! A group of another 2 goats frightened me on our way down, running right in front of me.

Saved the best for last. Lake Vivianne
Definitely worth it
Look at the little boyscout, I think he just earned his hiking merit badge!
We loved watching the fish in the lake. And it was so refreshing to filter some of that cold water!
Sam and I just got back from an amazing backpacking trip to the icicle creek area.
Day 1: Hike to Snow Lake, set up camp
Day 2: Daytrip to lower enchantments, back to camp at snow lake
Day 3: Hike back
It was a scorcher hiking in and out, but once we were at a higher elevation it was good. The mosquitoes were crazy! It was so gorgeous! I really can't describe how amazing the alpine lakes are. It was our first hike of the year with heavy packs on, what a difference that makes! I definitely want to go back, next time with an ice pick and crampons! And my feet did take a beating, so maybe I'll actually wear hiking boots instead of my worn out Chaco's!
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Bryn said...

Becca, your pictures are beautiful!

art said...

The water in this lake is so translucent. It is just amazing. Great pic!

Tami xoxoxoxox