Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Here's the whole gang!
(Dennis, Linda, Sam, Katie, Rusty, and me)
You can click on any of the pics for a larger image
I made a few flags from some vintage goodies I had.
I made a meringue dessert. This provided the perfect opportunity to use my new trifle bowl I had been dying to use! I found it when antiquing with Ames. (It came filled with wooden spools of thread, but I'm planning on using it exclusively for desserts)

We had a fabulous Independence day! Sam's family all came to the lodge to celebrate. We had a great time. We played croquet and badminton. Unfortunately we didn't have any fireworks, but we still had a blast, ha! We played games, relaxed, laughed, and even managed to fit a little antiquing in! We ate way too much food, it's in my blood, I can't help it. We stuffed our bellies with watermelon, corn on the cob, potato wedges with chipotle dip, chicken and portobello sandwiches and a meringue dessert.

We also just returned from a great 3 day backpack trip and I'll be posting about that soon!

2 comments: said...

we are sooo out of touch!! your 4th meal looks absolutely fabulous. i love love love your little star centerpiece. call me...i'm back to reality.

art said...

What wonderful images on this site. Thank you for sharing all the beauty you see around you.

Tami xoxoxoxoxox