Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weddings in Full Swing

I thought I'd share with you the fun events taking place here at the lodge. We have wedding after wedding and I love seeing all the different types that go on here. This wedding had a live mariachi band. This was a simple set up, but it made the place look like a million bucks.

The last wedding (not the one pictured) had all homegrown flowers and they were amazing! Lilies, calla lilies, roses, hydrangeas and more, all from the mother of the brides garden! And the table centerpieces were made by the mother of the groom. A set of three homemade soy candles were placed on each table. They were all made using a variety of different clear glasses. Wine glasses, egg cups, dessert cups, all different sizes and shapes all made for a unified fun look. That was my kind of wedding, friends and family pitching in to make it unique. They had amazing thai food! I even got to keep a trio of candles, some potted petunias, and a gorgeous bouquet (some of the perks!)

Last night we enjoyed listening to a band that came out to entertain the group of friends that are at the lodge this week. My mom would have been in heaven hearing Cat Stevens, James Taylor, and Simon and Garfunkel tunes. It was a clear night with the moon shining bright, very beautiful and fun listening to music on the porch (sorry, no pictures) as the sun set over the cascades.

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rinse*repeat said...

Love the table number font and all the colors in your first picture!