Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun Facts About Moving

Yup, actual obituary photo from Seattle Times, just made me chuckle. This is a classic example of one of those perfect pointless blogger picture moments I just couldn't resist. Hilda will keep my glasses protected and safe!

* I get caught up on current events. I just can't help reading articles while wrapping

*My blog posting frequency rises
(hmm, with 14 days to go, without a single day of vacancy at the lodge this is really not smart, it's called procrastination, or something along the lines of when you have more to do more gets done, no I won't flatter myself, it's just procrastination)

*6th time in 3 years

*Wedding cake to make
(I think every move has been accompanied with a wedding cake)

*You would think it would be easier-it sorta is, but sorta isn't. Poor Sam, my junk addiction isn't exactly helping our nomadic lifestyle

*Yet again we are going to be cramming way too much stuff into much too small a place, but as always Sam will get the job done.


Heidi said...

Becca, I think this lady had Bell's Palsy, a condition where the nerves on one side of your face are numb, so you get a lop-sided smile.

Stacie said...

Hey Becca,

So you are leaving the Lodge? What is going on. I just checked out your blog to see something about moving. Keep us posted...Joanne and I wonder what is going on with you from time to time. We would love to hear from you!