Monday, November 10, 2008

Craft Fair

So this weekend was my first craft fair.  It was a great learning experience.  I had a lot of fun.  I went in with someone else from church and that was really nice.  It was fun to have someone else to share this with.  At first, when setting up, I was intimidated because I felt like I had nothing compared to everyone else.  Well, that turned out to be ok.  I sold some stuff, but I definitely have plenty left.  This is good news because it means more things for my etsy shop!  This has been so much fun.  I loved talking to the other vendors and checking out what others had to sell.  It was nice to have many visitors who were friendly faces.  And Sam of course was great in helping with it all, from the loading to getting us lunch.  Hopefully, this is the first of more good things to come!

3 comments: said...

i am so proud! can't wait to see your etsy shop up and running!

Jennifer said...

Becca...I can't wait for your Etsy shop to be up! Kudos on doing what you do!!


rinse*repeat said...

Unrelated, but I love your top in the first photo! And kudos on the craft-fairing :)