Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year- A little Catch Up

I feel so out of sorts.  It's so funny, it seems quite a few people lately have this same feeling.  I think it's just that time of year.  Trying to get organized before the business of December.

I'm trying to do a little catch up on here.  So my most favorite time of year has passed (fall) and we are approaching my second most favorite time of year (ski season)

I love the fall.  We took trips to Green Bluff to pick apples off the trees, drink freshly pressed cider, and then later to pick out our own pumpkins.

We have been going to the Farmers Market each week and have been eating the most flavorful carrots and trying some new veggies (like Jerusalem Artichokes)

I packed a picnic for Linda and Lindsey and we had a good lunch and learned about composting and picked up a free compost bin at an arboretum. 

I found a cast iron grill/griddle for the stove and have been enjoying making paninis.

We took a trip to Sandpoint Idaho.  We checked out some great thrift stores and antique stores and had a perfect cup of coffee overlooking a great view.  We're happy with this new computer.  It is just taking a little getting used to!

I've been decorating and I planted an indoor herb garden.  I love it, it's so rewarding and yummy!

Now it's time to plan for an ugly sweater party

I am thankful Sam was able to recover the hard drive from our old computer, nothing was lost. We now have this new one with the internet.

I'm also thankful that gas is SOOO much cheaper now.  A few months ago it cost around $50 to fill my tank.  I just filled up yesterday for $25!  So crazy!  It's so wonderful!

I've been catching up on here and enjoying all the flickr and blog eye candy.  It's a little overwhelming to do 4 months of catching up!


mama b said...

oh good! i'm so glad you found me! i don't think your blog address got emailed to me. so fun! i've already been collecting a few goodies for you. i'm so excited! happy thanksgiving!

swell.life said...

love this cozy post. here's to getting more organized, feeling less frenzied, and enjoying the seasons. :)