Friday, March 27, 2009

A Dream

I am so happy and full of joy.  I have exciting things to share with you all.  We are staying here.  Can you believe it?  Who wouldn't love to live in a charming apartment like this.  I feel like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, yes, I feel that I'm living straight out of a movie set.  I can walk down the street, pick a fresh bouquet of flowers, grab a coffee, get a baguette, and some fresh veggies from the market. 

Here it is.  We live in the upper front apartment (there are 4 total)  That turret (I think, I'm going to call it one anyway) in the upstairs corner is where I love to spend time sewing.  I love the three big windows.
You have a good view of our little balcony here.

Here are some of our neighbors.
This is a view from our balcony.
This is my work station.
Here is our cozy bed.
Ahh, the bay window.  I enjoy my breakfast here.  I also knit and read here.  

  A lady helped me pick out this cheery combination of flowers and then she wrapped it in tissue paper and tied it with twine.  I watched her do her magic as I waited my turn.  She is an amazing artist, she grabbed a flower here, a flower there and created a glorious arrangement, what a job.  I couldn't help but smile from the smell alone.  It didn't hurt that the flower stand was sandwiched between a french bakery and a fruit market.  I also grabbed an orange currant scone from next door (how could I resist)  I found all of these places accidentally while I was out getting laundry detergent.  I'll gladly run errands out here, it's such a pleasant, joyful experience.
Sam brought home a vase so I can contain some of those beautiful flowers and a few candles.  These little touches help make the place feel like home.  It is pretty bare, but it's simple and cozy enough.
Check out the built in bookshelves.  I am dying to fill them up.  I would gladly unpack and move in permanently, or take this place and the weather in my suitcase back with me to Spokane.

This is taken from the dining room looking into the hallway and then into the bedroom.  This place has two big rooms and a little hallway dividing it.  If you turn to the right, you can walk out onto the little balcony.
I love to read out here.  The smell of jasmine and magnolias perfume the air.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into where we are right now.  This is making up for all the hours spent sifting through craigslist ads.  All the e-mails that led to disappointment, we ended up in a charming location.  As always, in the end, with our crazy lifestyle it was worth it. I get to sit here instead of a boring old hotel.  I'm so amazed.  I don't know why God has blessed me with seeing so many beautiful places.  This is an experience I will never forget.


Linda said...

Becca, what a lovely place. So happy for you. But I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Wow...your place is really great!!!

rinse repeat said...

Oh my goodness. Dream apartment. Dream bookshelves! I bet you're so inspired by your awesome surroundings...I would be!

project simple life said...

This home=absolute dream!
You must feel so lucky to live in it:)