Monday, March 2, 2009

Movies that Make you Think

I've watched so many movies about the injustices of this world.  It drags me down and overwhelms me.  I like watching them.  I want to be informed, but it can be so soul draining.  I recommend watching them all.  I guess I'm not making a good argument to watch these movies.  But they are good, some are uplifting, some are downers, they'll make you think, they'll make you question things.  This is the way things are though, there is no denying it.

The links will take you to trailers.  I think you should pick at least one to watch.

The messed up system of immigration.   
(If you haven't seen this, watch this.  For the most part it's entertaining and uplifting and makes you want to pick up a jemba drum and learn to play)  

Talking about blood diamonds and the awful war in Sierra Leone where the 7 year olds were given machine guns and made into killing machines

Showing the corporations taking over

Telling how messed up our farming system is

Showing how scary it is to trust the system and have a baby in the US

A sad story about a man who never found peace or love from the world.  
(I hope you laugh a little that I threw this one in the mix.  The film is made so well, the music is beautiful.  This is about Timothy Treadwell the guy who lived with the grizzlies for over a decade and got eaten by them.)

The awful reality that kids are being brought up to be sex slaves.  (This movie shows a woman who gave the kids in the brothels cameras, so it's not totally a downer)

A genocide that happened not too long ago, while the US stood by and watched it happen  

What happens in our own country over in Guantanemo bay

God how does this all happen?  It shows how much I hate the world and love you.  We've messed up your beautiful creation and need you.  I want to shield my eyes.  I don't want to look, but it's all around me and it's ugly.  


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project simple life said...

I just saw Blood Diamond a couple weeks powerful.

Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire? If you haven't, judged by this list I think you would.