Friday, March 27, 2009


Jessica and I had a perfect day today. We almost got lucky, and had lunch at Chez Panisse. It was booked, but we did take in the gorgeous floral arrangement and the action in the kitchen. We will go there, reservations will be made and I can't wait. I can't believe how nice the maitre 'd treated us. This is a world famous restaurant and I was treated with dignity, like a real person. Check out this recent piece on 60 minutes to learn more about Alice Waters, Chez Panisse, and the slow food movement. I looked around in glee like a kid in a candy shop.  Words won't do it justice.

Instead, we had a satisfying panini at Guerilla cafe. The highlight of the meal would have to be the drinks; Jess had an orange and red spritzer (lignonberry syrup with seltzer water and fresh mint) I had hibiscus tea.   

We drooled over fabric and I went a little nuts over all the ribbon and trims at Stone Mountain and Daughter fabric. I am definitely cherishing the time I get to spend with my best friend before her little one arrives. We made little progress on our knitting. We had quite an infuriating experience at Staples trying to get copies made. We were busy at it again with the sewing machine. Baby K will be sporting some stylish Amy Butler bibs. Jess made the most adorable little wool felt booties. We wanted that little boy to come out right then to try them on for us!

I'm growing to love this place. Sam came home a little early and we picked him up at the subway station and then we headed to the Gourmet Ghetto to get some supper. We were pleased that we could enjoy yummy food at a place that was so fancy, yet very unpretentious. Sam was able to wear a cap (hard hat hair) and change from a day doing blue collar work and no noses were turned up at us. We wore jeans and enjoyed our wine and dinner at Liaison. This is the way I love to eat. So magical. 

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