Friday, March 20, 2009

I heart Yuppie Outdoor Towns

Mt. Shasta
Cute little bungalow~I want to move right in!
I didn't think I cared much for the clothes at fancy boutiques, boy oh boy did Hot Box Betty change my mind.  I gladly could have dropped thousands at that store!
Sam and I had a great road trip out here.   And yes, I'll gladly live in a yuppie outdoor town like Bend, Oregon.  Splitting up this road trip into two days made for a really enjoyable trip.  We had time to visit Patagonia and drive around and see all the great craftsman style bungalows.  I really loved Bend.  More later on what we're up to right now.  All I can say is... yesterday was absolutely nuts!

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rinse repeat said...

This little yuppie town looks downright adorable!

I adore bungalows :)