Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Little Hike

Today I took a gamble.  I went on a hike.  I started out just great. It was steep, as are most walks you go on in this area.  I wandered too far onto a disappearing trail. I backtracked and got on the main path again. I marveled at the beautiful views of the bay area. I got to the very top. I went on a road near some very fancy houses. I wondered if someone was going to come out and yell at me. No one did. I kept going. I considered going back, but I just wanted to get to the top. I got to the top. I thought, hmm, this looks like it makes a loop. I wasn't sure. There was no map. It looked like it would loop. I just went with it. This was my big gamble. Common sense would tell a person to turn around and go back the way she came. I just tried it. Much to my relief, it worked out. I did have a city map with me, so had I ended up in a totally different area I could have navigated my way back home. I didn't want to climb back up that big hill. It was fun! The end.

Can I just say that this place and experience is a dream.  More to come on this little adventure of ours living in the Berkeley area for about a month and a half.  Here is a sneak peak of the cute little house we live in.

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Carrie said...

Berkeley. Perfect for you and Sam.