Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Many is Too Many?

I got new ones that replaced these. They were good to me.

As I was moving, I looked at my shoes. I have 18 total. Including flip flops, dress shoes, hiking boots, and sandals. It got me thinking and wondering how many shoes people own. I think girls need a good amount. We have to look pretty sometimes, but sometimes look pretty and be comfortable, sometimes we throw comfort out the window for pretty but painful shoes, and we still need shoes for running. I'm not really a shoe person, mainly by default because with size 11 it's hard to find many. Are you?

I think 18 is pretty good, Sam thinks it's still way too many. I don't think I could go much lower than 15. So please help, at least leave a comment to tell my husband that 18 is not that bad.

I have some work to do this morning. I have many new goodies that need to be photographed and put in my shop. It might be fun to take a photo of my shoes. Or maybe you can too, and e-mail it to me and I can add the pics to the post. I think a picture of shoes would be fun. Kinda like this book, Material World where they take the contents of people's house from around the world and put it out on the lawn to be photographed. Have you seen this book- it's so cool! I just love stuff like this. I do realize some of you have more of a life than to take pictures of your shoes- ha ha! But come on, what are blogs for?

I'm dying to know, how many shoes do you have?


Katie - My Paisley Apron said...

I'm guessing I have around 15-18. I have to agree that 18 certainly sounds like too many, but it probably isn't, for a girl (hey, even Chris has at least 12!) because, as you said, we are expected to have appropriate shoes for so many different occassions in life!

Anonymous said...

oh my...Sam would hate to live with me then! I have way to many to count but then again I also know I have an extreme weakness for shoes! =/

JSchaller said...

Okay, I've got 22 pairs, plus 4 pairs of flip flops (do those count?!). While it does seem like a lot, "The shoes make the outfit" is a very true statement. I mean, I can have a cute outfit, but if the shoes aren't right, then the whole thing looks off. And I'm not a fashionable/trendy person, either! If I were, I'm sure my shoe count would skyrocket. My consolation is that most pairs I own were $5-$10 on the Famous Footwear clearance rack! (And by the way Sam, Caleb's shoe count has been higher than mine multiple times in our 8 years together, so you can tease him about that!)