Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farmers Market Bounty

All of these veggies went into some yummy salsa. Throw in a nectarine or peach the next time you make salsa, and a cob of corn- it's a yummy addition.
This pizza was topped with everything from the market. We splurged and bought a smoked ham from Farmer James. It was well worth it, much more moist than the ones in the store.
Bobby Flay is my food hero. I love anything he makes. This meal of spiced rubbed chicken breast tacos with grilled poblanos, bbq onions coleslaw and guac was definitely worth the effort. I made it on a hot, hot day.
When Amy was here we watched Julie and Julia and I've had the cooking bug ever since. I had huge visions of a bountiful garden for this summer, but that didn't really happen. But I absolutely love heading to the farmers market. And I must admit, as magical as the idea of gardening is in my mind, it's much more fun to stroll to the market with a cute skirt on and pick out whatever I want. Much easier and less dirty than gardening yourself. Someday I'll have one of my own.

Tomorrow I'll share my meager gardening attempts from this year!


Jenny said...

YUM! All of your food looks so good! Come back to MN so you can cook for us. I know what you mean about Julie and Julia, you just want to make delicious food for every meal.

From Sunday to Monday said...
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