Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec. 1

This pic is for you James- see totally legal!

Ok, catch up time here. First off, I have to thank my sweet husband Sam. He threw me a surprise birthday party on Friday. It was so sweet. (I don't have any pictures- sad) It's just been party, after party after party. I say bring on the celebration. I am really excited this year to celebrate advent. Christ's birth is worth all the hoopla in my book! I used to feel guilty because I like vintage santas and I like a lot of the stuff that goes along with Christmas that isn't really focusing on Jesus. But this year I'm excited because it's a good feeling to have the freedom to celebrate and enjoy all the good things tied to this holiday. No need to be a scrooge, I can celebrate in any way and be focused on Christ. I still feel torn and am trying to figure out how you do that in our culture with all the consumerism. This season will be a good one. I am really so happy, cheesy, and joyful right now because of all the love around me! It's good!

I want to document each day. So we'll see how I do.

First things first. We did our annual tradition of going to the forest and chopping down a tree. It's a Charlie Brown tree for sure. I've come to love our little Charlie Brown trees because the adventure of getting them is so so fun! We haven't had the chance to decorate it yet. Because we have a big house, because I have a million ornaments, because I love decorating, because they're only $5, we are going to try to find a big one for our second living room on Saturday if we can manage.

Dec. 1 was a nice little dinner of tacos at Jacob's Well. It was nice and small, it was kinda nice after the craziness of thanksgiving. Then there was a fun gift exchange and party for the worship team. Our church has so many talented musicians it really is crazy!

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bethany said...

Charlie Brown Christmas trees are seriously the most lovable and clearly the very best choice...they allow you to showcase all those ornaments you've so carefully picked out! :)