Tuesday, December 15, 2009


~Katie, Sam, and I went to a hockey game Saturday night. It's a fun game to go to because everyone brings teddy bears and throws them on the ice after the first goal. They collect about 5000 to go to kids in need.

~We had about 2-3 inches of snow, we had a really hard time getting up the road to our house, and then getting into the driveway was nuts. I'm a little concerned. I think if it snows much, I may be trapped!

~I watched food inc. and am really annoyed with Monsanto- that's a whole post I will rant about later. I am concerned about the future of farming. If you want to do something and learn about it you can read about it here. - I want to do a recap of our year of buying local

~We went to the search and rescue Christmas party tonight. It was fun- only party I've been to where they have a knot tying competition as a game.

~I hope you are all enjoying the season and not stressing or freaking too much!

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