Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec. 2

It's blurry but I just love the little crocheted snowmen
Mr. and Mrs. Claus are made out of bowling pins.

We had a lovely time last night going over to Sam's grandma's house to decorate the tree. We listened to Andy Williams, enjoyed a bowl of chili, and toasted with a glass of wine. It was so sweet hearing about Florence's holiday traditions. She said every year her husband would put the lights on, she would then decorate, he would make them a Tom and Jerry, and then they would sit with the lights off and admire the tree. She would say, "I think this is the prettiest tree we have ever had." and he would say, "you say that every year" Another little tradition was that they always tried to be the first one to wish one other a Merry Christmas, and she said every year Vic beat her to it! One year he was singing in the choir, and she was going to beat him to it, so she sent her son Don up there to sneak in and say- "Mom says Merry Christmas" of course he told her that it didn't really count. The traditions around the holidays are so good!

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