Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bigger Pictures

I'm so glad I have real life blogging friends.  We were talking about making larger pictures.  I still wasn't getting it after our the conversation I had with my friend.  After 20 minutes of messing with html coding- I realized the new blogger doesn't even require that!

You need to update to the new post editor.  To do that simply go to settings, scroll down to global settings and select Updated Post Editor.  When you upload your pictures you have the option of making them extra large- it's that easy.

The new editor also has a better preview option- I'm sure there are more good things, I just haven't explored them yet.

I'm trying to win a gorgeous diaper bag- if you'd like to try to win head on over to Bethany's blog Rinse Repeat  To check out the pretty work of Beverly check out her website Remember Me Knots


bethany said...

I wrestled with that FOREVER. Because, frankly, blogger's "large" is rather itty bitty. Once I discovered the "extra large" photo option, I've not stopped rocking it since. It's the best!

And thanks so much for playing along with Beverly's giveaway! She really is so talented...I just wish I could give away 50 of her bags!

You're double entered, lady! :)

(And happy belated v-day.)

amrutha katta said...

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