Monday, February 28, 2011

The Ugly Corners of My Home

Hi everyone!  Have you ever visited favorite corners of my home on flickr?  I love it, it's inspiring and nice to see cozy little nooks in people's homes.  But for a long time I've been wanting to do an "ugly corner of my home" blog post.  I would love to see other people's ugly spots.  You know, the old ugly sink that needs replacing, the 70's mustard yellow countertop you've been meaning to replace.  I think everyone has them.  I've had them in all the places we've lived.  I always shared the awesome view and the cozy look of the lodge we lived in, but I never showed you the purple back door!
 Here is our backyard view.  Nice, huh?  All the neighbors have multiple junkers in their backyards!  We're no exception!  In our driveway sits our van and the neighbors below have a turquoise pontiac that doesn't run!
 Well in this house there are more than a few spots.  Overall this house has great bones and some lovely built-ins which is why I fell in love with this place.  But it's small, about 1000 square feet with 1 and a half closets!  We haven't been able to use the basement yet.  And I collect things to sell at antique shows and on etsy.  So Luna lives in our bedroom and the second bedroom is a dumping grounds.  No one ever goes in it.  Well today I'm hoping to tackle that room.

Last night Sam and I were dreaming of what could be of this space.  I'm hoping to turn our attic into a studio so that the other room can become Luna's room.  That is a little bit into the future because we still don't own this house quite yet.  But for now we have to be able to walk into this room.
 I dream of the attic looking something like this with a little more of my style thrown in.  It's not a huge space, and there is only about 10 square feet where I can actually stand.  The door to the attic is inside this messy bedroom and I had to spend 5 minutes clearing the space to get to the door, then another five minutes prying the door open, because as you can see, no knob.  Can you imagine the stairs being repainted?  The vaulted ceiling a nice white wash to brighten up the space.  And custom built in storage to utilize the small spaces where the roof slopes down.  Right now I can only take pictures from the stairs with a flash.  But awful before pictures make the afters that much better, right?  Right now it's half insulated on the ceiling and half blown in with one foot of insulation.  We were told by the inspector you do one or the other.  Sam and I have always loved small spaces and a space like this is right up our alley.

 Here you can see why I can't stand in the attic.  This is the foot of fluffy insulation.  

 There are 2 small dormer windows to let some natural light in.
I want to do a full before video tour of our home and then hopefully have a fun after.  This place mainly needs paint and some custom storage spaces to make it work for us.

Now tell me.  Do you have an ugly corner of your home?  Wanna share?


Chantel Monet said...

I can just imagine the transformation! You are really lucky to have the space and a vision for it!

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