Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun Shopping In Minnesota

When we were in Minesota I had to check out a few shops that I had seen from other bloggers. Serena talked about Hunt and Gather in Minneapolis- so we had to check it out. Kari of Artsy Mama is always talking about Nature's Harvest. We had a good time shopping in Wayzata. Although it would be more fun to stroll around the town in the Summer I think. We went to Wuollets Bakery- it was the competition of the old dessert place I worked at. So so yummy! And we had lunch at one of my favorites- D'Amico and Sons. We also window shopped at the Oh Baby outlet. Oh my. I LOVED everything there- they even had a designer named Luna Luna. Too bad that the outlet- 50% off price still listed everything at $50 an item! Yikes. It was good inspiration though. A lot of the clothes had embroidery and crocheted detailing and yo yos that I could definitely make myself. The colors were so fun. And since we're talking shopping in Minnesota I should mention The General Store in Minnetonka- it's a must see- especially around Christmas time. If you're searching for a unique gift it's the perfect place.

FYI: on a completely different side not I updated my flickr 365- I made it through January- we'll see how the rest of the year goes. I'm really having fun with this.

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