Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Friends With Berries

 This was so cute and typical.  My friend's boy was interested in pulling, swinging and jumping on the tree, while my friend's little girl was more interested and delighted in picking the cherries!

 I always anticipate seeing the fun little outfit that she comes up with.  It is always bright, and cheery and has many layers.  She usually is wearing more than one skirt!  She is so sweet and adores my baby.  The feeling is pretty mutual.
You all know I love Greenbluff.  I could go every week in the summer.  But this last week I didn't have to. The berries came to me.  Our church community garden has strawberries and raspberries.  My friend gave me a little jar of fresh raspberry jam.  My friend Lindsey invited me over to pick raspberries.  Yum, I think they are my favorite berry.  Then, my friend Amy told me she had 2 cherry trees that we could pick from.  She was so sweet and even rented a ladder for us.  The berry season goes by so quickly, you must hurry and pick them and eat as many as you can!  My freezer, fridge, and tummy is currently filled to the brim of berries!  Courtney has a fun post about the cherries.  We had such a good time!


Anonymous said...

Luna and Addison.....sweet, sweet and BEAUTIFUL....enjoy these days..Sharon...(Court's Mum)

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