Thursday, July 14, 2011

He's Back (for now)

Sam came back on Saturday and we had a nice day Sunday.  
Before he came back we got one more trip to Greenbluff and picked lots of big juicy strawberries.  (And this time Luna was wearing the apropos attire- the strawberry capris!)
 Then we hurried back for a picnic with friends at the park.  She loved swinging!

On Sunday we went to Liberty Pool.  It was so much fun, and not just for Luna.  I know I may sound like a dork saying this, but Sam and I had fun too!  Grandma and Grandpa came and watched and took pictures.  After Luna was done swimming we went down the big kid water slides, and I even tried out the whirlpool.  The slides didn't look too impressive, but they were really fun!  It's good to act like a kid again, and kids today have it good with cool pools like this in every neighborhood.

 She is half fish I think.  She loves splashing and doesn't mind getting water in her face, she just sticks her tongue out hoping to get a little taste of that water in her mouth!  She liked the water slides.

 In the evening we went on the City Drive.  Have you ever seen the brown arrowhead sign around town?  We didn't head out to Green Bluff, but we did the rest of it and it was really fun.  We saw parts of Spokane that I hadn't seen.  It takes you through the most scenic spots around Spokane.  The next time someone new comes to town I will take them on it for sure.
And then we came home and were starving.  We were going to order take out from South Perry Pizza, but when they're busy they don't even have take out available.  Then I realized I had the ingredients to make a salad just as yummy, and a pizza just as good.  I just cheated by using crescent rolls for crust instead of pizza dough.  


Funky Junk Antique Show said...

How sweet! Love the family pics, and what a cutie she is...that little bikini with the baby tummy, so adorable!!

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