Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Random Summer Day

I did manage to finally print a picture of my baby girl.  Yes, she is 8 months old now, and I just printed my first picture of her.   Oh the negative side of digital photography.  I even got some frames for them.  This beautiful picture was taken by my talented friend Jessica (Jeff Loves Jessica Photography) at my friend Amy's wedding. I got it in a 12x12 size.  It's a fun photo size.  I must brag, I love this picture, and Jess just snapped it-not planned or posed, outside of the aqua VW van as we were decorating it, just like that.  Aren't the best photos the unplanned ones? Yes, I am so spoiled and blessed to have a best friend who happens to be a professional photographer!  And I would kill to be able to grab my camera and just casually snap a pic like this!

Blah day.

I'm feeling blah
I want to get projects done on this house.  I've learned that it's best to get the idea out of your head and into reality, it helps bring on new ideas and more creative thinking.  I've waited so long to paint a house, I have so many projects in my head, they just need some execution.

I'm just about finished with my dining room, a few final details and it will be done.

I realize I've been away from my Bible for too long.  And for some strange reason I keep putting off reading it.  I know I will feel better, but I'm being weird and avoiding it.

We have 2 big bass amps in our little house.  One needs to go.  We have 2 coffee tables in our living room.  One needs to go.  I have a vintage sled in my entry way.  It needs to go to the basement.  I have an ugly couch on my porch.  (The couch is not ours, it's our neighbor's)  Our Christmas tree stand is still on our back porch.  I have an extra bedroom that needs to be turned into a bedroom/studio.  I cannot walk into said bedroom.  Did I mention I have a baby on the brink of crawling?  She scoots backwards and rolls all over the place.  The clutter is driving me mad.  You might be thankful that you don't buy and resell things as a living if you saw my house today.

I am leaving for my brother's wedding in two days.  I need to make practice cupcake cheesecakes and make some cupcake wrappers using my silhouette machine.

I have pitted cherries, and homemade pie crust sitting in the fridge begging to be made into pie.  Apparently you need tapioca to make homemade cherry pie.  Who knew?  I don't have tapioca sitting around.

This is a silly thing, but I had to take a photo.  I sold my sugar jar to the people at Etsy.  It is going in the Etsy office space in Brooklyn.  So I may not have many sales, but if the people who work at etsy want to buy something of mine to have in their office I might be doing something right, huh?  It gives me a little nudge to list all the other crap I have sitting around here.  I kinda geeked out about this!

Another big accomplishment for me is that my kitchen floor is clean.  My floor is always gross and I hate it!

So there is my brain dump for the day.  It's nothing pretty or nice, but it's what is going on over here.  I think I want more posts like this.  The reality of my day.  The challenge of wanting to get things done, versus actually doing them.  And you know what, after posting this it is giving me the motivation to scratch some things off the list.

The summer is slipping by.  I will enjoy it!


JSchaller said...

Oh, Becca, I'm so with you! I'm constantly wishing that I could just put a pause button on life for a few hours and get a few things crossed off my list! It seems I can never get to projects (like my office, which I can't get into and is a terrible example for the girls), but just the daily tasks of running the house and taking care of the girls keeps me busy all day!!!

On the other hand, I do make myself realize that the girls are what's important, not the house, and that makes me feel a little bit calmer. Blessings on your projects!!

swell.life said...

yay! i'm so glad you printed this--i love it too! you are two of the most beautiful girls i know!!!

agreed. i can't remember the last time i cleaned, i mean actually cleaned my house. not just a frenzied throw-everything-in-the-back-room sort of clean before people come over.

WHOOHOO the big dawgs are buying your stuff!!!! that is amazing!! you seriously need a day/half day to just be alone and work on your etsy every week. so wish i lived closer so we could kid share!the dvd player has been my babysitter waaay to much lately. gulp.

let's chat soon. life never slows down so i need to stop waiting around and call you!!! miss you friend! xo

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