Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th

I made a little cake for our low key 4th of July.  It looks so pretty and is very yummy, but it's super simple to make.  I simply baked a white boxed cake, whipped some heavy cream and sugar, cut the cake into three layers, and piped some stars and a reverse shell with an extra large star tip.  I added some strawberries that Luna and I picked from Green Bluff and some store bought blueberries.  I wish I remembered to use my trifle dish more often.  It makes things so pretty, but I tend to only remember it on the 4th of July.  

 Aunt Katie took Luna swimming.  Luna loves to swim.  She even does a little frog kick.  She loves to float and lay on her back and swim to toys.  She enjoyed the floating even more after we put the sunglasses on, the sun was so bright!

 Nothing better after a long day of swimming than a nap in Grandma's arms on the back patio swing.
 We had a good old fashioned American barbeque.  We didn't get to watch the fireworks though.  I thought we might be able to see them from my porch-pesky trees were in the way!  We also had fun with friends in town the night before.

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