Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 10

Today I'm thankful for:

The smell of applesauce cooking.  It was so yummy, but took forever to peel the apples.  I'm thinking I may try leaving the peels on next time and finishing it with an immersion blender.  It makes me happy every time I use my dutch oven.

A yummy dinner.  Here is my take on this recipe my sister heard on npr and shared with me.

-Frozen everything mini baguette (that had dried out)
-Red bell pepper
-Cheddar cheese
-Smoked Sausage
-Heavy Cream
-Green Onions

This looks beautiful but it's so yummy and easy to throw together.  I could have used a cuter pumpkin, but this works.  Sam asked, "Are we eating our fall decorations?"  Yep, that is the plan.  I'm excited to try some other recipes using pumpkins and butternut squash.
Ina's butternut risotto (I will be using some of that saffron I got)
Pioneer Woman's pumpkin soup
This butternut squash, rosemary, and garlic lasagna
Pioneer Woman's Pork Roast with apples and onions
I still need to make an apple pie and caramel apples and homemade donuts sound good.  We'll see if Luna likes pumpkin smoothies tomorrow


Dr. Heidi said...

Glad the stuffed pumpkin turned out! Your version sounds yummy. I also like Sam's comment about eating the decorations. Waste not, want not! I'm definitely trying your gnocchi recipe...sounds easy and delicious!

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