Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 7

Thankful for:

An upcoming siblings vacation over Thanksgiving to a cabin on a river near the coast of Oregon.  I will turn 28 there.  My brother and sister-in-law will drive north, we will drive south, and my older sister will fly.

Planning events to do for my December advent activities.  I'm going to work on it and then I will share them with you, if you want to try them too.

Excited to be going to Minnesota for Christmas

Waiting for the snow to fly.  Looking up ski conditioning exercises.  Looking forward to downhill and cross country ski this winter.

Planning on cooking this week.  I'm restocking my pantry.  I want to spend some time baking.

God's outpouring of love.  I'm feeling really blessed.

Thankful for a husband who skipped band practice tonight because I needed him here.
Thankful for a cutie who loves green smoothies as much as I do.  Two days in a row she had a whole glass.  Do you think it's true that babies will like what you ate when they were in your belly?  I drank these green smoothies daily.

Having a kinda crummy day, but still rejoicing!

When clearing out and organizing we found our high school yearbooks.  I had to read the cheesy things we wrote to each other.  Sam had written that we will look at them later in life and think of how weird we were in high school.  Yep, it's pretty true.  So thankful that 12 years later we're still together.


From Sunday to Monday said...

Holy blogging!
You have been busy! I love your little cutie and her aqua chair!

Jenny said...

not quite a siblings vacation when you didn't invite two of your siblings...

Becca said...

Oh Jenny- it was more a west coast meet up and then Heidi tagged along! If you want to fly out you are welcome to come and you know it! You came out here and we went to Oregon last summer.

hey- just like the sisters dance...

Chantel Monet said...

Oh... this makes me miss Luna! She is so insanely cute! Makes me miss you too, it's been too long!

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