Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 9

Today I'm thankful that:

I have a little brother who I can swap tips on fermenting heirloom tomato seeds, yeah we're both nerds like that

That I have friends and family requesting the best soup recipe ever, it's on the menu for the week (warning, if you make it, plan on inviting some friends over or having leftovers to freeze-it's a big recipe)
Family who sends the cutest little pjs.  They even glow in the dark!

A little girl who is just killing me with her cuteness today.  I just had to put her in a sweater dress that was slightly too small to reveal the bear butt!  I know, a fashion faux pas for adults, but Lunabelle can pull it off!
This is my little reminder.  Yeah, dishes aren't my favorite thing.

A fridge full of food for some good cooking.  Yeah, I'm on a bit of a cooking kick!  I even bought saffron! (It's $20 for less than an ounce, yikes- but so worth it!)

An easy dinner of gnocchi and it went really well with this Argentinian Malbec that I picked up.  Yum, make this- you won't be sorry!


Cottage Mommy said...

Yummy! What beautiful food you have been making! Missed you last night!

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