Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Craftathon: The Projects

3 Block Ornaments:

Jewelry: (4 pairs of earrings, 8 bobby pins, and 4 hair clips)

 8 magnets and a cute tin to hold them:
 8 Gift Tags:

 10 large clothespins and 3 mini clothespins:
 Freezer Paper T-Shirt and 2 Tote Bags:
I wish I had more pictures.  Some people did a deer image, some did a doily, some did fishing lures up the sleeve and some people did a tent image.
Wood Tree:

3 Fabric Rosettes:
 Set of 6 Cloth Napkins:
 Paper Garland:

 Last weekend I hosted a Christmas Crafting extravaganza in our vacant downstairs unit.  Courtney helped throw it.  (I linked to her post on her amazing birthday party)  Courtney also does farm chicks and together we have enough stuff to throw together any pretty event!

We had a lot of fun coming up with crafty ideas.  I think we each brought 50 ideas and pared them down to 12.  12 is crazy, and maybe a little too many for one day, but it worked out well.  I wanted to use up my stash of stuff and get the most bang for our buck.  We did all of this for $25 a person.  I was proud that I came in pretty much right on budget with the supplies.  Thanks to many trips to hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon and all the stuff I already had.  I may do a little post on some little tips do doing crafts on a shoe string budget.

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