Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wrapping Up The Gratitude Days 18-30

So we're well into December, but I started writing this and I just have to post it, so bear with me!  We celebrated Luna's birthday, my birthday, and thanksgiving with my family in Oregon.  The first birthday party was cancelled, or shall I say postponed?  I still think I might do one in January.  She'll never know!

Day 18
Thankful for:
Long, consistant naps
Going out for the first time all week
Hobby Lobby
Keeping my receipts

Day 19:
Deciding to cancel Luna's party, I was sad about this, but grateful because I didn't have the energy to pull it off and I didn't want to get everyone sick
Grandparents who watched Luna so we could rest

Day 20:
My sweet little baby girl has been with us one year!
Seeing her demolish her pumpkin bar cake
Having a little family time-just the three of us to celebrate Luna
Getting together with family
Easy pasta meals

Day 21:
For a meeting with a friend to plan a craft party
For staying up way too late planning and ordering supplies
Etsy, I love etsy
For a husband who stayed up way, way, way too late and folded laundry

Day 22:
For finishing the planning for the party
For pinterest
For groceries stores that stay open late
For a rental car

Day 23:
For a husband who doesn't stress because we didn't leave on time
For a girl who slept in so we could finish getting ready for our trip
For his suggestion to blog about this fun stop on our way.  It's rare, but every once in awhile he tells me he has a blog idea.  We picked up some yummy salsa, and some great chocolate and Luna climbed the stairs a couple of times and stretched her legs.  It was the Country Mercantile in Pasco.  They make lots of homemade yumminess.  I love finding little gems by accident!
For Trader Joes- good snacks for the road trip
The traffic cooperated
Spending 10 hours in the car- ok, this was a little rough at times with a one year old, but she did pretty well
For a guy who can pack a car- I mean really pack!

Day 24:
Thankful we all made it safe to our rental
Thankful it actually worked to get together
Thankful for good food, good family
Thankful for a good year

Day 25:
Thankful for the ocean
Thankful for fun little shops
Thankful for a low stress black friday
Thankful that shops in a little town aren't crazy

Day 26:
Thankful to celebrate my birthday with my family
Thankful for my amazing gift- a new iphone! I am so beyond spoiled
Thankful that my parents gave me a flight home to visit
Thankful to sit and build a fairy house
Thankful to find a cute pyrex bowl for $5.00
Thankful I can still make hollandaise sauce (we made eggs benedict with crab)  I hadn't made hollandaise for years, and all those weeks of whisking 9 years ago back at culinary school paid off)
Thankful for great weather

Day 27:
Sad to return back home
Thankful for having a good lunch and seeing some seals at Mo's
Thankful my little girl was being a good sport and liked shrimp and clam chowder
Thankful we got to stop at Mirror Lake at a fun bistro for dinner
Thankful Sam made it the whole way- we got back at about 2:00 am

Day 28:
Thankful Luna slept in for the first time in days
Thankful my sister got to see our place
Thankful we had a rental car or we would have been stuck at home when my battery had died
Thankful for activating my phone

Day 29:
Thankful I got to make some jewelry with a friend
Thankful I called the massage place
Thankful for a cleanish house
Thankful for a slow day

Day 30:
Feeling totally pampered
Thankful for the gift of a massage
Thankful for the pedi
Thankful I got so many things checked off of my list
Thankful for this little exercise in gratitude every day

Thankful- so thankful for everything

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