Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving on the Coast- The House

Love the jeggings and the turkey bib!
photo from this website
Searching for fairy materials in our PJ's.  So here is the deal with the fairy house.  I checked out this book from the library and thought it would be fun to build one while on vacation.  Everyone had fun looking for good materials, no one really wanted to take the time to build it.  This would be a fun family activity.  The books on these houses are awesome.  Then, while shopping in town they found a fairy calendar and got it for me for my birthday.  

 I brought aprons and made everyone wear one!
 A gift for Dr. Heidi, the classy way to drink wine for optometrists!

I'll let the pictures do the talking.  I found this great rental outside of Florence, Oregon.  My sister flew in, my little bro and his wife drove from San Fran, we drove from Spokane and at 1:00 am we made it!  Most of the time was spent cooking, eating, drinking good wine, relaxing by the fire, relaxing with a movie.  We had a king size bed and it was heaven!  We watched Misery, Muppet Christmas, Peter and the Wolf, The Great Outdoors, and The Baxter.  I may be missing a few.  It was nice and relaxing!

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