Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Craftathon

The night before the craftathon I was able to snap a few photos.  It looked so pretty and cozy at night.

The key to making all of these projects work was prep work!  I knew that I had to be VERY organized.  This is something that doesn't come very easily to me!  I spent nights getting ready.  (Of course the thing that took the most time was the cleaning.  This is our vacant apartment that we have been working on after we had to evict the tenants)  I made sure everyone had an individual space with all of their supplies sorted out and ready to go.  I spent an afternoon sorting jewelry, one afternoon cutting 64 napkins, one afternoon chatting with Court and punching out circles, one afternoon making jewelry, one afternoon making the tags, a couple all-night cleaning sessions, and a couple days of decorating.  Everyone totally saved us in the food department.  I ran out of time and didn't get a chance to precut the shapes for the freezer paper, this really slowed things down on Saturday.  One friend made soup, someone else brought coffee and cocoa, another girl brought soda and chips and salsa, and hummus and veggies.  Friends and family watched Luna.  Sam was sweet enough to babysit any kiddos upstairs who needed a little supervision.  He helped get the food together.  So everyone really came together to make this work!  I absolutely love doing this stuff.  It's so much fun for me.  I love using the stuff I have to craft with and all of my old junk to make it look pretty.    

 We made sure we had examples of all the crafts.  Of course we had to display them cutely!  And you can't craft without salty and sweet snacks (especially when you have pregnant crafters!)

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