Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finding America Again

We found the cutest little town in that area. I felt like we found America again! We had the best breakfast at the Golden Cafe. It was a good bacon and eggs breakfast with a big fat pancake, yum! I loved the cafe. Everything about it was great. I especially loved the crocheted butterflies hanging from the ceiling! Aren't they just grand? I don't know, but I feel like corporations are taking over our country and the entrepreneurs are being stomped out. This town was great. Lots of character. The old JC Penney was what department stores used to be like. The old man at a shop told me where all the good antique stores in town were located, and what to expect at each one. We had a nice little chat. A stroll down the old downtown was great. It seems that many times the original downtown street is pretty dead, and the new strip mall down the street gets all the action. I love seeing an old, real functioning downtown. It was refreshing. That is what America looks like to me!

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