Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Art Fair

Please click on these two mosaic images to view them larger. She is so talented.

It was a very hot weekend. It was nice to sneak into some shops in Bayfield to cool down. I really thought being right on Lake Superior would be an escape from the heat and the humidity. I was wrong! We went to an art fair and I got some good ideas. I bought some cool wood earrings, unfortunately I lost one of them before they ever made it home. Sad! But the guy was so nice, I'm sure he'll send me another one. There was an amazing mosaic artist. I really want to be in a tourist town on a mountain selling art. Wouldn't that be nice? Or maybe my husband and I would run an inn (I hate the word "Bed and Breakfast") Maybe we've just been watching too many Gilmore Girl episodes, but that would be cool. Oh, to dream!

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