Monday, September 17, 2007

Moving Day

So the beautiful thing about blogging is that you can make your life look absolutely beautiful,

even if it's actually pretty shitty-d at the moment.

I can not believe in the midst of moving I have posted more in one week than I have in the last few months. I think it's my little escape. At the end of the day I like to go and look at pretty things and pretend and remember what a normal life is supposed to look like. That little vaca in bayfield was a couple months ago. If I was smart I would have saved some of those posts and sent out one a day, but I can't do that. So just in case you missed it, there were about 6 posts I did in one day. Go ahead reread, because I can't guarantee anything at the moment with this nomadic lifestyle we live. This past week I was dealing with collapsed ceilings and dead bats, and being electrocuted by my sink. When I'm up to it I'll have to recount those stories in detail. So it was time to go. Moving is always a jumble of emotions. Where are you moving, you might ask. To nowhere, moving to nowhere. We have all of our things stored away. We are currently staying at a friend of Sam's, then we might hop over to my Grandma's for a week, then stay at Mike McKinley's for October. Then, who knows. It may be a big move. So until then, it's living in suitcases. So where am I supposed to forward my mail to? It's always a dilemma when you don't have an address!

So I just picked up the last few remains from the haunted house. Oh, the memories. This is the first place that I'm not super sad to leave. I guess it's the first time we have moved out, without leaving the place. So maybe it will hit me later. I was able to buy the cool asian copper coffee table and the shelf.

Oh, so the pic on the top of the little breakfast cheery table is filled with deals! At Savers I got 8 yellow Fiestaware looking plates for $8. The little flower plates from goodwill. The orange tablecloth Savers. The vase $1, at an antique store in Bayfield. The salt and pepper five cents each at my neighbors garage sale. Have I mentioned how I love deals? The juice cups and pitcher are from another little antique store. They were my first antique purchase, the moment I realized I really like cute old stuff. The little jars are from the Rusty Gate (a little barn sale some women in Chaska throw every year selling handmade stuff) So Sam and I ate an amazing breakfast together on that cute table setting.


Fairlightday said...

Hello Becca! Thank you for stopping by! Blogging can often be an escape I've realized. My Blogger blog is the escape from reality blog and my MSN Spaces blog has the nitty gritty details (sometimes.) :) I hope you guys find some place lovely and enchanting to live or at least somewhere where you won't be electrocuted or have to deal with bats. :) Blessings!

Jessica said...

I love the photos today! It can only get better from here, right? No more shitty-D apartments. I have confidence that you will find a new place with structural integrity. Somewhere. Soon.