Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hippie Headband

What is that blue thing on the wall you may ask.
Why, it's my wall o' necklaces in my bathroom.  I figure they look pretty, so why not hang them and let them be part of my decor.  I find that I wear them more now that I have them out in the open.  That big blue one up in the first pic, yeah, still haven't had the courage to wear that one out yet.  It's heavy, and big, even for me.

So here is my hippie headband!  I wanted to make this for a very long time.  I went overboard at a knitting store that was going out of business, even before I knew how to knit.  That yarn is finally starting to be put to a good use.  You can get the pattern on knitty for free right here.  It is a super quick project that even I can finish in a day.  (Well I must admit I needed to have a little phone call to my mom to clear some things up, and I did have to unravel the first one after gettting a quarter of the way through)  I now have a ravelry account.  Raverlry is a really cool knitters resource for keeping projects organized.  You can put pictures of your finished projects up.  You can keep track of what yarn you have in your stash, and you can even get help to find out if the yarn you have will work for the pattern you want to use.  They have a little chart you can fill with all the needles you currently have.  And if you're out thrifting or hitting up some g-sales, you can have ravelry text you your handy dandy chart to see if you already have the needles.  Pretty cool, eh?

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Mom K said...

Becca, YOur headband is very cute. I like the varigated yarn that you used. Good job! I have found that if I try lots of different patterns and projects I become more confident in trying the harder stuff. Knitting becomes addictive. Mom