Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Heat?

In some places in Japan they do not heat their houses.  It is cold there too!  I found this article so interesting, I urge you to read it.  I'm very intrigued by other cultures and what they do differently.  One of my favorite things about traveling was learning what different cultures lived with and without.  I love that thriving countries can function perfectly well shutting down everything every afternoon for a few hours (siesta).  This no heat thing got me thinking too.  As far as I understand, these people aren't super poor, it's just what they do.  I love heat!  I would never do this.  I just want to show an idea of a different perspective.  I also think there is value in enduring hardship.  We lead such cushy lives that we forget this sometimes.  This makes us appreciate what we have so that we don't take what we have for granted.  

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