Sunday, July 19, 2009

Awesome Summer Weekending

these darker cherries are the bings

and these bright red beauties are the rainier variety

the trees were just loaded
the headless pickers, Sam, Dennis, and Katie

If you're finding yourself with an abundance of cherries, and would like to see some stunning photography and would like a few recipes click on this.

This has been a great weekend with family and friends. On Sat. Sam and TJ went on a hike. Andrea and I headed to Coeur d' Alene to rent a canoe. We saw so many ospreys and even an otter. Then we had a bbq with Sam's fam. and some friends. Sunday morning was a great church service. Then we headed out to Green Bluff again, this time for some cherries. I'm really hoping to go there each week and bring home something new fresh and yummy from the farm. It was my first time picking cherries. I had more fun taking pictures than picking. I'm hoping to work on photography skills and it's fun to do it out at Green Bluff. They were so gorgeous and breathtaking. This part of the country is really beautiful. It's been a blissful weekend. I love enjoying God's creation outside in the summer, so much to breathe in and appreciate.


Andrea said...

Your post has motivated me even more to go out and pick some cherries! And your pictures look great.
And your right, this weekend was awesome.

Andrea said...

Uhhh...I totally meant, YOU'RE, not your... I'm such a dork