Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camping at Lake Ellen

Andrea, TJ, Sam, and I headed back to Lake Ellen. This time we brought a canoe.

Did I mention we brought Indiana Jones along?
My favorite thing is to pack some art supplies along. Making stuff outside is so inspiring to me. We started the journal for the 1001 journal project.

We did a little cliff jumping

You must check out Andrea's post, she has written more about the good memories. She's got good pics, and shares the funny beer in chips story! And really, I never would have guessed it was their first time camping, they were old pros. I'm sure it's the first of many trips to come.

We all had fun playing with the camera, taking fun pictures. Going camping in the summertime is the best. I'm glad we've been able to get out there and enjoy it.

On another note, I am inspired to get back to scrapbooking again. I have abandoned it for much too long. I'm going to get at it and I'm going to do a new approach- mini books.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Becca! =) I wish I had more time to donate to my crafts just so I could start to build more of a business...

But it makes a good hobby for now! =)

Camping trip looked so fun!!! I love that you brought so many crafting stuff...how fun!

Andrea said...

I like your new blog look! :) And your pictures are great and I can't wait to see the rest of them! Thanks again for a great weekend!

From Sunday to Monday said...

Love the new title bar...Ahhh camping. Wish we could get our boys and go together

bethany said...

Your new blog banner is gorgeous! Your camping trip looks like an absolute blast...Sam really does look strikingly like Indiana... :)

Thanks for your comment over on my post! I'm so excited about school and what that might mean in time. I finally decided that if I was going to sink $40,000 going to school, I would pick the one thing that never ceases to interest me...no matter how illogical it might be to pursue as a career :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have a blog at www.picturecamping.com where I feature people's posts about camping, and I would like to send my readers your way. Of course I would give you credit for quotes and would link back to your site.

Thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC