Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Your Opinion Please

Alright. I have this big stack of zippers. I made a few pillows. I would like to know if you think I should make more pillows like this, or if you would like it better if I make a laptop case, or a purse with the same style. Or any other ideas?

Anthropologie really inspired me to make these. This one was my practice one. It's a bit messier, but I kinda wanted it that way.

And I didn't forget about that giveaway, soon, soon I promise. Some new things are slowly appearing in my shop.

1 comment:

Cowgirl said...

I LOVE the look of the zips and I am not usually one for 'function over fashion'...but it might make resting one's head on that pillow a little bit...uncomfortable? Please dont get the wrong idea. As far as the look & the patchworky texture I think it is a brilliant idea and bet you can come up with some more applications. Cheers from the Kooteneys!